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Southwark Primary School was the founding academy in the Trust. Originally the school converted as a stand-alone academy but expanded to Multi Academy Trust status through the partnership with Arnbrook Primary School in 2014. Originally the Trust was named Southwark Primary Academy Trust.

After making a strategic decision to start to grow, the Board agreed to rename the Trust Believe Academy Trust. The main reason for this was to help establish a Trust identity serving all academies and also to assist in setting a clear strategic direction.

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Arnbrook Primary School 

Derwent Primary School

Southwark Primary School

A Great Place To Work

Leading the way

Believe are leading the way. Again. This is the Trust on a mission to ‘Change the World’ from mundane education leadership after all – and their revolutionary ethos permeates every single Believe Academy.

The whole place runs on pride, passion and performance. From a revolutionary work/life balance ethic to a values system based on respect and understanding, small wonder there’s a sense of togetherness across all the academies.


Part of the service
Access to health, wellbeing and counselling programmes.
Active Life
Salary reclaim and employee incentives that support active life.
Put your fitness to the test by joining our outdoor personal training sessions.
Healthy Work Environments
We will install water coolers in every academy to keep hydration levels up.
Comprehensive induction packages into the Trust at all levels.
Reward systems that are fair, equal and appropriate
Charity Days
One free day a year for your staff to donate their time to a charity of their choice.
Book Allowance
Expand your knowledge and enhance your critical thinking.
Learning For You
We will support you in enhancing your knowledge, skills and professional aspirations.
Equipment that works and does not hinder employees in carrying out their job

Believe In Numbers

Making a difference to...
Improving opportunities for...
Growing trust Network of...
A realistic & sustainable contribution of...
of GAG Funding
Working successfully across
Different Local Authorities
Governance & Finance

Governance & Finance

Working together in partnership, freeing resources to make your money go further, reducing administrative burdens, investing in ongoing professional development at all levels, connecting the whole of the learning community together, building system capacity, investing in staff engagement, making the school site work for you and respecting academy ‘individuality’.

Believe it. Together we can make a difference.

We have established a Trust known as 'Believe Academy Trust', which is a charitable company limited by guarantee, and as such we are required to comply with 'The Companies Act 2006' ( Members and Trustees are listed on our website and contained within the Annual report which forms part of the Annual Accounts. A range of documents appertaining to our Trust are available to view or download from our website.

Trust Governance Structure 

We are one legal entity with one set of articles governing all our Academies. We have a Master Funding Agreement with the Secretary of State, plus supplemental funding agreements with each of our academies.

Between the Trust and each Academy there is a Scheme of Delegation. We have two Schemes of Delegation for Academy Governing Bodies. Both are designed to provide clarity and define responsibilities. The scheme designed for Good and Outstanding academies gives greater delegated powers to the individual academy and its’ local governance. Academies rated Requires Improvement or Inadequate need more support to help them become Good or better, therefore this is reflected in the Scheme of Delegation designed for their current situation. Essentially this second Scheme of Delegation gives more authority to the CEO and Board to help the Headteacher and Academy Governing Body (in this case Academy Council) to achieve rapid improvement. The aim is to ensure that all our Academies operate under the first Scheme of Delegation in time.

We believe that supportive networks, high quality service and challenging conversations are the key to sustainable growth.


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