What We Offer

Organisational scale and capacity

We use the advantages afforded to us through scales of economy to procure or internally deliver services presenting value for money.


Systems and procedures support

Does what it says on the tin!


Network and partnerships

We collaborate and challenge each other to hold ourselves to account for the performance of our academies. We actively seek opportunities to work with other schools and MATs where there is an identified need.


Delivering sustainable improvements

We support schools in delivering improvements that are in line with their development priorities and are built to last.


Staff wellbeing

Ensuring all staff have the support, flexibility and resources for a healthy work-life balance.


Professional development

We invest in top talent to stay at the forefront of educational practice.


Career progression

Schemes designed to fast track careers from the day your school joins.


Flexible working

Whatever the situation we help you find the best working pattern that suits the needs of team.


Reducing carbon footprint

Our trained staff will work with school leaders to help reduce the academy’s impact on the environment.


Staff involvement

All staff, each department, every academy contribute towards plans to improve staff engagement.