What We Want


Our vision is to create school communities where children excel, develop a love of learning and create magical memories that will last them a life time. There are high expectations for every child to succeed through the provision of personalised, real-life learning experiences which enable them to grow into productive and valued citizens.
Children will have success for today and be prepared for tomorrow.
Our governing principles are what we expect throughout Believe Academy Trust. We must all live by the governing principles in our dealings with children, colleagues, partners, stakeholders and communities. All academies form the Trust and have a vested interest in making it succeed.

The Governing Principles are:

Be individual: Academies with their own identity –

We also believe that “one size” does not “fit all” and that academies should reflect the communities that they serve and the needs of their children. A ‘thinking academy’ is one that not only analyses data but looks carefully at how a “best fit” approach would work in their school and their classrooms for their children to develop thought, knowledge, skill and independence.

Be confident: Belief and confidence in our academies to excel 

We are responsible for each other and can expect support when we need it most. We expect our academies to achieve more by recognising and harnessing the power of individuals whilst also working as a collective. We embrace change and encourage creative, forward thinking. Academies are expected to embrace change positively and learn from each other’s good practice. Roles within Believe Trust’s infrastructure and ‘hub’ networking are the main vehicles for sharing best practice.

Be determined: Only the best for our children

Our belief is that every child has the capacity and right to succeed. The role of academies in supporting families and children to be aspirational, enable academic success and social cohesion is hugely important. Academies within Believe Trust must embrace British values.

Be successful: Outstanding providers of education 

We only promise what we can deliver. We do what we say we will do to meet expectations, including making tough decisions. If we make mistakes we put them right. We are clear about what we need to achieve and will strive to become outstanding education providers for our children.

To be effective in our role we not only need to focus on ‘what’ we believe, but also on ‘what’ we do, ‘how’ we do it and ‘why’ we do it.