Become a Governor

Believe it or not you could make the difference to hundreds of children’s lives! Want in?

We are an emerging academy trust working with primary schools across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. We need top professionals to join local governance for our academies to champion and challenge our work.

What is an academy? Academies are state schools funded directly by central Government rather than run by local authorities. Individual academies are usually aligned with a Multi-Academy Trust. A Multi-Academy Trust is a charitable company responsible for running its academies.

What are the benefits of being an academy?

  • academies are independent of local authority control –this means that academies have more freedom about how they conduct themselves
  • academies receive their funding direct from central government –this means that academies receive more funding because none is retained by the local authority for the provision of central services
  • academies have more freedom over the curriculum taught – this means that academies do not need to teach parts of the National Curriculum which they do not consider appropriate for their pupils
  • academies can set their own pay and conditions of service for their staff –academies have the freedom to alter the pay and conditions of their staff (subject to normal employment law protections for staff) and so can provide staff with better pay and conditions than previously
  • academies have more freedom to undertake innovative projects – academies are companies and so have more freedom to undertake innovative projects, such as setting up and utilising trading subsidiaries. 

Who are Believe? 

Believe is a Multi Academy Trust with the objective of raising educational achievement for children by providing a first class education that will inspire, motivate, challenge and unlock potential. We expect our academies to achieve more by recognising and harnessing the power of individuals whilst also working as a collective. 

In addition to its ambition to transform the sector, Believe is committed to building a Trust which is accountable to its employees, providing career opportunities and an inspiring workplace. This has underpinned the Trust from the start and is central to Believe today.

What do we need from you?

We want your professional skills, strategic thinking and challenge to achieve the best in all aspects of our work. We believe in effective governance and want local skilled professionals, community representation, parents and staff  to bring independent challenge and new perspectives. 

You could be a governor with one of our schools in either Nottingham, Nottinghamshire or Derby. We are looking for skills/expertise in finance, law, HR, risk management, data analysis and more! Experience of the education sector would be a bonus but is certainly not essential. Joining one of our local governing boards would typically involve you in: 

- 2-3 meetings per term, three terms per year, of full board and specialist committees

- other events to connect with key stakeholder groups or other Believe governors.

Meetings will normally be held at the school, with timing (day/evening) determined as far as possible by members’ availability.